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​Hi! My name is Megan. I am a professional dancer and Peak Performance Coach with a passion for helping artists flourish as people and performers.  Through my own experience as a professional dancer and Radio City Rockette, I have witnessed the gaps in the mental training for performers which took me into sport psychology and training the mind. I went back to school and got my Master’s in Sport Psychology with the interest in creating a mental skills program for performers.  I learned through my own personal experiences that how we train the mind and how we take care of the mind is fundamental not only for our health, well-being, and success as performers but as humans.


My passion is helping individuals thrive in performance and in life. I’ve always been drawn to psychology and the role it plays on how we perform. I have also loved dancing my entire life. Being able to merge those two fields has been a gift that allows me to work with performers and lay the path that provides the necessary skills for them to flourish on their journey. I will provide the education and tools that aspiring performers need to navigate the world and will help performers utilize a trained mindset to flourish, achieve excellence and well-being.  

I hope that after working together, performers can see the opportunities to train more effectively and learn to use peak performance skills and techniques to reach their full potential.  Whether that is in on the stage or off the stage, these tools are fundamental in becoming our best selves.

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